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Film & Blues blossomed from a desire to open the stage door to a new generation.
The Montreal‑based development company sought to collaborate with young filmmakers whose meaningful stories
resonate with their peers, and spark honest conversations.

Our team of creative minds produces bold, and sometimes provocative, content. And they willingly scale sheer cliffs of controversy to reach edgy new heights.

The company was founded in 2015 by filmmaker Youcef Beghdadi and musician Anthony Aramouni,
in the spirit of blending the creative process of both art-forms.
In 2019, producer extraordinaire Alex Feldman and the legendary musician Eric Mercury joined the production house.



Writer/Director Youcef Beghdadi has made his directorial debut in 2016 with the short film ‘PhD Gold Digger’. This dialogue-driven drama has won two awards and has been selected in five film festivals to date. The Independent Critic described it as "a quiet little gem with an ultra-solid soundtrack".
Youcef's next film, ‘No Time to Change’ (2017) has been described as "a simple, unique and inspired short without any weak links”. The film tells a heartwarming story while featuring songs from a variety of independent Montreal musicians.

In addition to writing and directing his own short films, Youcef has also produced, directed and edited over 20 music videos. He is currently working on his first feature film, ‘Blue Tongues’, and the first season of a talk show called ‘Night Off’.



Songwriter/producer Anthony Aramouni has been writing music for the last decade and has had his music featured in award winning short films. His latest collaboration with the renowned R&B singer Eric Mercury called ‘Bright Eyed Woman’ will be featured in the upcoming motion picture ‘Blue Tongues’.

The songs are beautiful, well structured, memorable. The instrumentation is really beautiful.
- Justin Time Records

Anthony is also the film producer of dozens of music videos, live sessions, and the award-winning short films "PhD Gold Digger" and "No Time to Change".
He is also the co-writer of the upcoming feature film ‘Blue Tongues’ to be released in theaters in Fall 2020.



With a background in film and years of experience in development, Alex Feldman has worked her way up from Assistant to Producer, to Indie Filmmaker. Her podcast 'Unkosher Radio' allowed her to interview A-List talent in the industry and propelled her to create/host the up-coming talk show 'Night Off'. She is also executive producer on the upcoming feature film, “Blue Tongues.”

Alex has also worked on major Hollywood films such as 'White House Down', 'X-Men: Days of Future Past', 'Arrival', and 'Pet Sematary'.



Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Eric Mercury is a singer, songwriter, and musician.
He recorded his debut solo album “Electric Black Man” in 1969. Additionally, Mercury became a writer, composer, and producer working with numerous artists, such as Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway. Mercury appeared in the stage production of “Jesus Christ Superstar’ and had roles in the motion pictures “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” and “American Hot Wax.”

He is currently the executive producer for the film, “Blue Tongues.”





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