march 2017

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A musician about to go on tour after the release of his first album  decides not to at the last minute, feeling he lost his passion for music and decides to bail on his tour.

He only has one night to change his mind and catch the last bus and start his tour.


Cast: Lee Marshall, Patrick Ryan and Edward Middle

Cinematography: Abraham Mercado, Felipe Collado

Assistant Directors: Alice Reiter, Jonathan Bosco and Nathan Foss

Written & Directed by: Youcef Beghdadi


Anthony Aramouni
Ada Lea
The Rising Few
Couteau Papillon
Vikki Gilmore
& Edward Middle


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march 2016

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A young feminist attempts to resolve her cognitive dissonance and starts looking for a doctor to marry in a hospital.

A janitor pretends to be a doctor and questions her morals while trying to pick her up.


Cast: Alexandra Brown, Bryar Vuyk, Martin Dansky, Marquenzo Madsci and Nathan Foss

Cinematography: Abraham Mercado and Sal Pietromonaco

Written & Directed by: Youcef Beghdadi





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August 2015



Adrien reads a sentence in a book and can't shake the feeling of confusion it gave him. He attempt to get an answer from a clerk while buying milk at a convenience store, only to get more then he was asking for...

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